History of Apple

History of Apple:

The time was 1969- exactly that time a movement was in East Pakistan. On the contrary, America had time and revolution in the time and revolution. At that time the microchip technology started to grow in the country. At this time there was a youth revolution movement in the United States, they started a counter-culture movement simultaneously to implement their various benefits and will. Its main center was San Francisco of America. In this movement, young people began to find ways to build their own lives without taking any of the restriction rules. And that was the time to bring a big revolution in the world by the youth during the golden period.

In such a situation, Steve Jobs, a 14-year-old college resident, was introduced, along with 19-year-old Steve Wozniak. Both of them were very interested in technology. From here onwards, they both get entangled to do something new. And they probably did not know, they’re going to create something that would be a huge achievement for the world’s computing and mobile world.

All the favorites of the world have started the world’s most successful startup apple till now in America’s little home garage. Through three very friendly efforts of the friends. The other was Ronald Owen, with whom Apple had 10% stake at that time, but on January 3, 1977, he sold it for $ 800. If he kept that stock, he would have lost 74 billion dollars today.


A journey of Apple:

Apple Computer Company’s first project was the Apple 1 computer, which was then sold at 666 dollars in the market under a byte computer shop. At this time Wazniak was a talented electronics engineer. He was a self-taught engineer. He was able to discover a box-like device at that time, whether it was possible to make a remote phone call, without any money or bill, and at that time he sold several models. At this time Steve Jobs agreed to create a computer with Wojniyakake. At this time they dreamed of creating a good computer and selling it at a good price.

Jobs then contacted a local computer shop, The Byte Shop, on this matter. Here the byte shops show interest in their machines and say that if the computer is fully assembled, they will buy it and sell it. Then the owner of the byte shop Paul Tarel ordered 50 computers, each $ 500. Then the order goes with Steve Kramer Electronics in a shop called Cromer Electronics, the most electronics component distributor there. Steve Wozniak bought the required component, which was used to make their computer.

If you want Kramer Electronics money, Steve’s answer was, you give me a 30-day time component, so that I can redeem 50 computers and then the owner of the byte shop Paul Tarel will give you your money.

Then Kroner Electronics manager Paul Terrell fences and falsifies. Paul calls them on the phone if the computer comes to their shop, but Kramer Electronics gets their due money. They then handed the component to Steve and Waznik. Then Steve and his younger team were able to complete the day-to-day order. They get a large number of hands. And this was the beginning of Apple’s success through a little hard work. It was Apple Computer 1

It was the first computer in that time to showcase a sophisticated TV as a display. Then Apple started their work in a new way. Their needs continued to grow gradually and later they made Apple II and got a lot of markets. Apple Niemeye went to a leading level of computer market at that time. Then Apple is very talented like people like Bill Gates join and cooperate to make Apple unique. After that Bill Gates left Apple and established Microsoft (in another article).


Favorite Apple for billions of people:

Many people think Apple’s main goal is to invent or invent, but not really. Apple has a product that makes it look good. Whether new inventions or something that has already been invented. From 1984 to 1991, Apple added a lot of extraction to Percussion Computer Macintosh. The people took it to the taste. The only parallel computer in the era, which was not supposed to be programmed to run.

However, in reality, Apple Macintosh did not invent any product or product category. They did something that has long been a concept of concepts. But one thing is that they had invented the world’s the first commercial personal computer Apple 2, this was their first computer maker, the Apple Saxax. Apple’s use of the user interface and mouse, along with the world’s first beautiful graphical interface, through Apple, forced the world to peg. But Apple’s other products from him were reinvented. For example, Apple did not discover the MP3 player, they made it redundant by making it more beautiful. Apple did not discover the smartphone, they made it better by designing it again like it did. Apple has not invented the tablet PC, they have completely invented it and made it better.

And one of Apple’s key designs, Apple’s goal is very simple – it’s a well-designed product that is well-designed. If Apple thinks it is not capable of making a product well, they do not make it. Apple has applied these policies first on iPods, then on smartphones and now they are doing it one after another.

One of the reasons Apple’s choice of Apple is because Apple uses some unique features in their product, which people can not effectively obtain elsewhere. For example, the activation lock on the iPhone can be said. It plays a key role in preventing iPhone theft. Even after the theft, the thief can not access the iPhone, many times the owner has many advantages to find the phone. Although many other companies invented this feature as their own but could not make it effective as an audio. In this way, every product of Apple is a choice of people in many ways.

Even though we all do not have the ability to use Apple, it would have to admit that Apple was the world’s largest technology charter in history. They competed with IBM and Microsoft at the start of them. Today they have made themselves a separate place. It is not easy to compete with them in such a situation. Because Apple is very different from others on their own, none can take or steal it, such as iOS, Mac etc. Like the way humans have loved Apple, they will live forever in such a way that they create immense gadgets. Apple is made to love Steve Jobs.