How to Disable or Enable USB Ports in Windows 10

Want to USB ports disable or enable in win10! Please follow the under steps. That steps will learn you how to disable or enable USB ports. Many times, you want to restrict users from accessing the USB port on your system. If you follow this step one by one then you will success. Here you will learn how to disable or enable USB ports by two methods. Three methods are totally different to each other. But when you follow then it makes you very easy to learn how to disable/enable USB Ports. Ok, lets follow the steps.

Method -01
Step 01: Right click on This PC and indicate to Manage.
Step 02: Navigate the Device manager.
Step 03: When you see the driver properties then find out Universal Serial Bus Controllers on below of the feature.
Step 04: after open that right click on Generic USB HUB and select Disable then no.
Step 05: secondly you have to again follow this step for second Generic USB Hub.
Step o6: and then connect a USB Drive to PC. Then you can see it is not working.

If you want to enable USB Ports then enable the Generic USB Hub 1st and 2nd. Then you can access or connect to PC a USB Drive.

Method -02
Step 01: Firstly, find out Run and type “regedit” or windows search option and then type there regedit then ok.
Step 02: Then display will show a feature top of the left side.
Step 03: At that time move your courser and select to menu HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and open the sub menu SYSTEM.
Step 04: After opening SYSTEM you have to select Current Control Set.
Step 05: When open the Current Control Set then open the Service and scroll to down.
Step 06: After scrolling you have to find out USBSTOR at that time double click to USBSTOR.
Step 07: Then you can see right side some command feature.
Step 08: Move you courser to right side and navigate to START and click on it. Then show a value box.
Step 09: Erase the value data and type 4 and then ok.
Step 10: then minimize the window and try to connect to PC a USB drive, but you can’t.
Step 11: If you want to enable then open the window and click the start command.
Step 12: Erase the value data and type 3 then ok.

Method -03
This method worked by BIOS setup. If you want to all USB port stop then follow the method. In this method does not work your USB keyboard and USB mouse but you can use ps2 mouse and ps2 keyboard only. Whatever, lets follow the below steps,

Step 01: Firstly, restart your system and press function key to enter BIOS mode. One thing should remember a different PC enter to BIOS feature have different type function key.
Step 02: After enter BIOS setup press your right arrow key for going to enter Advance menu and then press enter key.
Step 03: At now you have to find USB Configuration and enter then it will be show you Legacy USB. After selecting you have to go sub menu and have to do enable to disable and press F10 function key for save change setting.
Step 04: Again, enter BIOS menu and press right arrow key for going to Boot option. Press enter to entering option and find USB On Board. After finding enter that sub option and have to do again enable to disable.
Step 05: After do this press F10 for change saving setup. And lets to restart your PC.

You can see now ports are not working of your PC.
At now if you want to enable your all ports then follow the steps and setup change to disable to enable. Then it will be work.