What is a firewall?

What is a firewall? And how does it work? If I tell you these two things, you will know for yourself how much it is necessary for your computer! For example, outside the computer world, the firewall is a type of protection that does not allow the external fire to enter and does not allow the inner fire to go out. This way, the Fire Wall protects you from both sides. If you talk about a firewall in the computer world, it is such a protection, whenever you use the internet through your computer and access any website, watch online videos, browse some or send a mail. At this time, the Fire Wall protects your computer Unwanted access to something Often, when using the internet, unwanted software, malware, etc., enter the computer without permission. And after logging in, damage to your computer files or system. The firewall allows only trusted sites to keep files on your computer. And prevents unnecessary software, malware, etc. from entering the computer without permission.

Just think, your computer has a virus and your computer is connected to a local network. And there are more 10-20 computers connected (as it is in your office) So your computer has been infected by viruses, but the firewall works as a protection for computers in your local network so that it can not spread the virus.


How many types of Firewall?:

Firewalls are generally seen in two types. One is a hardware-based firewall and another software-based firewall. Now let’s talk about the type of variation.

Hardware-based firewalls are usually seen in a router. Apart from that, the dedicated fire-wall appliances are available to buy in the market. And these devices provide one type of hardware protection. Suppose I bought a router from the market and with that, it connected 10 divisions on the internet. Now if the firewall is turned on in my router, the router will bring 10 connected devices to the firewall under fire. Now how does this router firewall work, whenever you enter an internet website or send a request from your browser to enter, your network ID is included with your sent request? And the router sends the request to the desired server as a packet. And when the return packet from the server reaches the router, that packet also contains your network ID. And the Fire-Walls in the router can recognize the original packets and send them to your device. Now if there is a packet in the router that takes your network ID, the firewalls can block it instantly.

Various antivirus makers such as Avast, Norton, AVG, MacAfee etc generally provide firewall protection with their antivirus. Moreover, there is a firewall on the default side of Windows. And software-based Fire Walls also work similarly to hardware-based firewalls. And they have done a lot of work to make you think that you installed a game on your system or computer or installed a software and if the game or software is recuperating for an internet connection then you will get a popup from the firewall on your computer. You will not be able to send or receive any software using the Internet until you install the Internet. Windows Fire Wall always monitors that your computer is out of Going Traffic and where linking traffic is their source, their IP address keys, whether they are trusted or incomplete traffic unwanted software is installed. So by all these things, we decide which traffic to come and block any of them.


Why use Firewall?:

If it does not, attack your computer anyway from anywhere. And you will not have any control over it. You may be using the Internet on Google dot com but from where any software can be installed on the computer you will not be able to get it. The software can enter your computer and steal your data, steal your online account information or your credit card information. So if you have a hardware dependent firewall or a software-based firewall, you need a firewall if you use the Internet on your computer. Kenna has many virus-related sites in the internet world.

Many software on your computer comes with antivirus type but the software itself is a type of virus. Sometimes you may enter a site and you get the message “Euro system memory is low” or “your device has been infected by viruses, clean it now” and so on. Whenever you read these messages, when you click them, any software is downloaded to your computer. And this software will not junk the memory by making the memory clean, you so┬ámuch more important to have a firewall on your computer to avoid these unwanted topics.