What is a proxy server?

What is a proxy server?

To access the Internet, the computer must have an address or address unique to the computer, which is called an IP address. Through this IP address, the computer can be separated from all other computers in the world.

There are two types of IP addresses.

1. Private IP address or local IP address
2. Public IP address or real IP address

The Internet has to be connected through public IP addresses. And the number of these public IP addresses is limited and it will be cost sharing if it is shared by country and get this public IP. The main thing to avoid this problem is that to save money, institutions buy one address for each computer without buying an IP address. Then this IP address is set on a device (computer, router). And on the rest of the computers, a private or local IP is placed [one thing needs to be aware that the local IP address is used as 1. From to From to to]. Now all other PCs without public IPs will not be able to connect directly to the Internet since there is no public IP. But they can be connected to the internet through that public IPvala computer. The public IPvalla computer will work as a medium in this case. And that public IP computer is called proxy server.

Example: Let’s say the name of the public IP that is on the computer proxy server And the name of the private IP that is on the computer is called client 1 and client 2. I think now client 1 wants to see the webpage at http://www.google.com. Now client 1 will ask the server to confirm that he wants to see the webpage. The server will accept the request and send the webpage to client 1 again. While accepting the request of the server, remember where the request came from, because the request has to return the answer from where it came from.


The proxy server is used for that reason:

1. To make the local computer fully anonymized. Where do you come from?
2. For caching (client example 2 above and http://www.google.com if you want to see the webpage, the server does not have to download the webpage again, since it has already been downloaded so that the browsing speed of client 2 will be much higher. Being caching)
3. To stop unwanted websites on the local network (How to block Facebook, YouTube, in Office / University.)
4. To view internet log report. As with the proxy, it is easy to find out how much data transfer has been made.
5. To bypass the security
Apart from these, more work can be done through the proxy. But the most proxy is web proxy. It is possible to become completely anonymous by web proxy, it is possible to hide your location. Anonymous means and where the user is, it can not be understood.


The software used to create a proxy server:

Apache Traffic Server
Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway
Pound reverse proxy
Squid cache