What is Ethical Hacking?

What is Ethical Hacking?

The meaning of the word “ethical” means “moral” – ie moral or legitimate hacking, And those hackers who have their policies do not do anything immoral. First, know what a hacker is doing or what he does? See, the hacker tries to find errors in any system (computing/networking system) and penetrates the system’s security level and enters the main system and receives control. Now if someone tries to access the system without permission from a system or software that is looking for security errors, then such hacker will be called malicious hacker or black hat hacker. Malicious hackers generally break system rules and security and can damage the original system.

So by hacking, entering the system, finding the fault or fault of a system. So what is Ethical Hacking? – Ethical hacking is a hacker, after getting permissions from a system admin or software company, the system starts checking the error. If he breaks the security of the system, then he has full permission to do so, he does not work without permission of malicious hacker. An ethical hacker must definitely respect any company or system’s privacy and must work with permission. After doing that, after checking the system, if it finds an error, it will surely inform the company about the error and will help the system secure by providing security pants. If you find a backdoor, then it will seal it so that the malicious hacker cannot do any harm to the system by entering it.

Besides, he will use a variety of attacks on the system using different techniques so that it can be detected in front of any system error. If the system error is not found after running a hack attack, but it does not guarantee that the system is 100% secure. A coin is not necessarily 100% secure, therefore it is necessary to check regular security.


How to start a career in ethical hacking?

The article has discussed white hat hacking and hackers, And finally, we knew it was completely valid and it was possible to build a good career here. Now the question is, how to start? -Looking for those who are studying with Already IT or Computer Science, this is a lot easier for them. If you are studying, then before you complete the study and try to get the job in the IT sector in a company, whether the job-earning of the lesser salary is ahead of us, so do not. Then you can work in cybersecurity or IT sector in police or military if you want, your work skills will increase a lot. In this, you can do different courses on networking and you can earn a separate certificate. Course support can be made with network support and admin roles. Now you will need some security certificates, and you can get it again by completing some courses. After crossing all the steps above, you will have to join the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultant Program and bypassing the test you will become a Certified Ethical Hacker.

But if you have not studied with any computer science, even if you want to build your own career in moral hacking, it is also possible. You can make money as a freelance ethical hacker and make a good career. And if you ask me, then I will say, “How much work you have done more than the certificate, it is worth more” – If computing, security, networking is your passion, but you will not be able to prevent someone from being a good white hat hacker. Most readers of Bat Takehbab are still studying, so I would recommend that if you want to be a professional moral hacker and want to have high-quality careers, definitely computer engineering on engineering and particular an emphasis on networking. Once you become a Certified Ethical Hacker, you will be separated from your market. You can also make it as a permanent job as well as freelance if you want it.


Need Computer Knowledge:

To be a hacker, you must be well-versed in networking. There should be a good idea about all popular computer operating systems with UNIX / Linux special capability. With Linux’s different distro and its command is a good one. As well as some programming languages such as; C, Java, Perl etc. should be known and database such as; Must have good knowledge about SQL

Another thing to remember is that hacking is a technical issue and an expert on those, but not the only thing. In addition to having technical knowledge, you need to be smart, have the ability to build relationships with people easily, have the ability to solve problems faster and have the ability to trick people. If you have the ability to carry your work by talking to someone, then think that you have become a 50% hacker. It is easy to cheat on people sitting in that system instead of hacking the system, and hacking is called social engineering.

But to be an ethical hacker, you must be honest. After finding faults like a malicious hacker, it should not be misused by money laurels. Before entering any network you must have the complete right to enter it. Getting involved in immoral activities or black hat thinking can ruin your career, so be very careful. In general, hacking usually takes a bad look, so you must work 100% honestly. Even before the start of the carrier, you should not be involved in any illegal activities, before the company gives you employment, the company will check your background. So since you decide that you want to be an ethical hacker, you have to start honest life right from then on.


Ethical Hacker’s Demand:

In fact, the demand for ethical hackers or white hat hackers has increased for the past several years. The world is becoming more digital, and everything is going on in computing and networking; And with increasing security risks, and the moral hackers needed to reduce this risk. Do not forget about the advanced world, look at our country, starting from the results of examinations in our country, job applications, ticket cutting, accepting salaries, etc. Now everything is becoming internet/website / or app-dependent. Not only government, private companies are also very serious about their business and security. There are many e-commerce sites in our country, whose security is extremely tight, it is very important. Now suppose a malicious hacker came and hacked the government database, or hacked the train ticket online system by hacking the system, making it a ticket booking, thus damaging both the government and the country’s people. Ethical hackers look at every system and malicious attacks run on a system like a hacker and fix a problem if it finds a problem or informs the company or government about the problem, so that it is possible to fix as quickly as possible.

Let’s take an example to understand the importance and importance of an ethical hacker on the whole subject. Suppose the king of a region built a royal palace, to live and to complete all the work of the kingdom from there. Now he must surely secure the palace through various security measures. Kano may have been attacked in the palace at any time. There will be many resources in the palace, there will be many papers which are very important. Now, imagine that the King made a large wall to protect his palace and cleared many guards. Now the enemy will not be able to attack easily or cheerfully, the security of the Kenona is very tight. So what they will do; Trying to find the fa├žade of the Mahal wall or the way the guard will try to enter from somewhere less. Now it may be that the king wall has tilted heavily, but the king has forgotten the fact that there was an old ambulance door on one side, and the attack could come from that direction. So much so tight security will not be useful either. Now suppose that the king employed a person or group who would check the security of the security, like the enemy’s side would revolve around the city and try to find an old or weak wall, and then watch whether a watchman is asleep or not As soon as the problem is found, he will take action and the king will be informed. This will reduce the chance of attacking enemy forces and entering the Mahalas. So the special person or group of this story is Ethical Hacker, and at that time, surely they have understood about their needs. It is also very important to check the security of a system, as well as it is necessary.

A lot of good moral hackers from country to abroad, Demand For them, the company can survive millions or billions of dollars. Malicious hackers also work to find system errors, but they start the work without informing the system admin or company and if they find the error, the system will start to be harmed. And IT companies are looking for a good white hat to escape from the black hats, and they are hired on a high pay scale according to their expertise. And if you can be a Certified Ethical Hacker, then your company can be up to 60 lakhs per year according to your expertise (Source: Infosecinstitute.Com).