What is Internet? How to work Internet?

What is Internet?

Global communication has become much better now, and all these achievements are his, whose name is the Internet. In less than 20 years, there has been a spread of about 210 countries in different countries. Even the poor countries of the world have become connected to this net. Most people, including me, think that the word “internet” means going online. But to speak the truth, it is nothing but a common computer network. Think of a road that is wrapped around the whole world. Just as the traffic flows through the road to its destination, the data is reached by different computers and is reaching its destination. And this is the main foundation of the Internet. The Internet is basically a system of connecting different computers together (computers in your home computer, office computer, school computer). One computer is connected to another computer in different ways. Any computer is connected by old copper cable again by fiber-optic cable (which sends the data between the vibrations of the light) again the computers are connected to the wireless connection (wireless connection means that we understand wireless, it connects through radio waves ) And any computers connected to the satellite. And this is how we can enjoy instant messaging, email service, or download mp3 music files.


What is the real work on the internet?

Internet job is very easy, it just transmits data from one place to another, diameter. The main functions of the machines that have been integrated into the Internet are the data transfer and distribution. To compare the reality, the internet can be compared to the Postal Service. Postal service is transmitted from one place to another. But it does not matter who the letter came from or what was written in the letter. Again the letter is empty, but the postal service does not come out. His work will reach the letter to reach the diameter. Internet works the same way. Internet service, such as Postal Service, also holds much information from one place to another. At the same time, if the data is transmitted, then the Internet will complete it. Now you do not send an email to a message, but there is no internet connection with it. But the only way to have data transfer is to help complete the Internet, diameter. Now based on the data transfer method, we are looking for new uses. As the two European investors created Skype, they brought the telephone talk to the net. They created a program where our words could become data and conversations continued through the exchange. But sometimes it was not possible to create separate internet for Skype by sharing our talk directly.


How are internet data transmitted?

The Internet works largely like a telephone network. But there is a separate call on the Internet to carry data and telephone lines. When you ring a friend, a direct connection (or circuit) is opened between you and your friend on your telephone. As long as you are connected to the telephone, the circuit is open immediately. Circuit switching is a method known to connect another telephone with a telephone. The electronic telephone exchange system controls who will be heard and who will be sent. But friends will think a little bit and understand that circuit switching is a really inefficient method for setting up a network. Whenever you are connected to your friend on the phone, you will not be able to relate to anyone on that line. (Remember, you’re typing an email, typing hours, and if you can not send any other mail at this time then?) Think you’re talking too much on the telephone or taking a long time to talk or To talk, he went to bring coffee mugs to the phone. So you are not sending any information, but then your phone is connected to your friend’s phone. You are charging the bill for every second and you do not have to speak or say that the phone is connected and no one else can call it on that line. So circuit switching can never be an ideal network. So what kind of internet carries data using the internet?


What is packet switching?

The Internet uses the circuits switching method to carry its data. For example, if you use Dial-Up Connection (where your computer dials a telephone number to reach your internet provider, and it works like a normal phone call) use the Internet to connect. Here you use the circuit switching method to come online. So no one can call you till I’m connected. And you have to pay for every second to stay connected. And instead, your net connection will work at the turtle speed. But most of the internet data is carried out in a completely new way called packet switching. Imagine that you want to send an email to any of your Indian friends. So here you are your Indian friend and you do not have to be connected directly to get this full mail once. After sending your mail to packet switching, it is divided into several chunks. And each of these pieces is called packets. Each packet is tagged on the face which must go to their words and they can travel to Alda Alda. When the fragments reach their destination they merge again, so that they can appear as emails. Packet switching process is much more efficient than circuit switching method. You will never need to be absolutely connected with anyone. So you’re not closing anybody’s line. Anyone else can use the same line at the same time. And certain packets will reach your address exactly. Since packets reach different routes, there is no obstruction in obstruction. As a result, many fast speeds are seen.


How does packet switching work?

Before understanding how packet switching works, you need to understand how circuit switching works. Suppose you live in America and plan to come to Bangladesh. Suppose you are thinking of picking up your building, not just your accessories but think of a nightmare where you are carrying your whole house from one end of the world to another. What do you have to do? First you have to see a road that allows you to easily travel. Then you will need some trucks. And you will need a special ship to cross the sea. Think how difficult it is to get the whole thing. And you’ll be back for a few days to carry so many things together. Because your destination will be a lot of slow Again if the other person tries to come to the same street, he will also get stuck. Actually, the circuit switching method works the same way. And this method is called a telephone call. Now imagine another situation. Imagine that you took off your building and every brick numbered. Each brick stuffed the envelope and sent it on your way to your destination. Some things might have happened on the ship, maybe some of them went on the way in the sky. Then when all the bricks reached together, then the number of bricks will be created again and again the previous building will be created. Since the bricks have traveled on different roads, no street jam will be created on the street. And others can use the same road at the same time. And just this way packet switching works. When you email or browse a site with a browser, all the data is divided into many packets and spreads over the internet.


How do computers work on the Internet?

There are hundreds of millions of computers on the internet. But not everyone does the same thing. Some of these computers only collect information and send any information from where it is requested. And these machines are called servers. The machines that store any documents are called file servers. The servers that contain your mail, are called mail servers. And the servers that contain web pages are called web servers. There are several million servers on the Internet. The computers that collect data from the server are called client computers. When you enter the Internet to check mail, your computer is the client, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is the server and the mail comes from the mail server. The number of clients is more than the Internet on the Internet, almost billions of times. When two computers are interacting with each other, it is called Peers. If you instant messaging or share photos with your friend, then this is peer-to-peer (P2P) communication. Never behave as a computer client on PC-P and sometimes your computer server behaves as well. Suppose you have sent a photo to your friend, then your computer acts as a server (photo sets). And your friend’s computer will work as a client (photos will be accessed). Once your friend sends the photo, he will serve as a computer server (photo sets) and your computer will now serve as a client (access to photos). Apart from just server and client, there is another middle computer which is another part of the Internet. And its name is Router. It only helps to connect between different systems. If there is more than one computer in your home or school or office, then the router will be able to connect everyone to the Internet.