What is Li-Fi?

What is Li-Fi?

Li-Fi’s full name is Light-Fidelity. Now it is not possible to know more details about this whole name. So let’s elaborate. This technology was first discovered by Professor Harald Haas. In 2011, he published the first in front of the mainstream people of Lifestyle. And he showed how you can communicate with the help of lights. However, he continued to do more research with this technology and he tested it about 7 months ago. And in the results of the test, Li-Fi was seen as faster than WiFi.

Actually, this technology works on VLC or VLC-Visible Light Communication. Now let’s see what this VLC is, if you get Constant input to an LED bulb, then you will see the output of Constant. If you make some changes in the input, you will see the change in the output. As soon as you change the input you will see the output change as quickly as possible. And with this idea, you can create a kind of communication system.

Still did not understand the matter completely? Well, let’s give more examples. Think of the TV remote this time. In fact, an infrared bulb is fitted in front of the TV remote. And when you press a particular button on the remote, then the fixed stitches in that bulb turn to water. This time the sensor on your TV understands that post and completes its job. Suppose the TV bulb beats the bullet twice for a change of TV channel, then when you press to change the remote you want to change the bulb twice. And the sensor on the TV will accept it, your TV is already programmed that the channel will be changed twice after accepting the beep. Let’s come, this time it’s clear as water.

Such is the original mantra of Li-Fi Technology. But like a TV remote, there is a lot of bulbs from Li-Fi, so you can use fast data transfer and many users together. In fact, VLC is the common means of managing this technology. But this technology is able to give you more than anything. It will not happen that you will be away from the light of the LED bulb and your internet will be blocked. Whenever you move away from one bulb source to another source, this technology will automatically connect with you. The usual bulbs that we use in the office or house can only be converted into LED bulbs and can use this technology by installing a type of driver. With the light coming out of the house, you can use the internet, too much faster. So this was a general idea about this technology, and how it works. Let’s take a look at the advantages of using this technology.


Advantages of Li-Fi:

1. The first thing to say about the benefits of this technology is its speed. Using this technology you can get the speed up to 100 Gbps. And it has been thoroughly tested. Moreover, the frequency of Lifaire is more than 10,000 times the WiFi.

2. Li-Fi’s frequency is much more than WiFi, and it has the ability to control many users at once. This means that even if users increase, they will not be able to see connection errors. If we talk about WiFi, then you can see that if a user uses more bandwidth, then the connection to another user is slow and then the next. But this technology will not be the same.

3. The signal that is wifi or wireless can penetrate your wall. As a result, when you use WiFi, your signals are also found by your neighbors. Since Li-Fi is in light technology, the signal is not likely to go anywhere through the wall of your house. Because we know that light can not penetrate the dense objects. So you sit in the house and use this technology with the Internet and no father will have the power to detect your signal.

4. Wireless signals are actually stowed. That is, when you start the WiFi router, its signals are spread all the way around. Now if that signal does not come to you, then it is worthless. Because the signal will appear to you as much as the signals spread around you. But since Li-fi is light, you can target it to your liking. As a result, you will get a maximum signal and your data density will increase. You can exchange high-speed data at a maximum signal.

So this was the special advantage of using this technology. Let’s get more benefits than you can when you use it. Let’s discuss this some wrong ideas about this technology. The technology has not come to come in the past many misconceptions have spread everywhere. Take a look that you have already become a victim of some misconception.


Some misconceptions of Li-Fi:

Many people know that Li-Fi is 100 times faster than WiFi. In other words, I myself have seen this issue in many places. But in fact, it is wrong ideas. Because the current WiFi’s latest technology is IEEE 802.11ad capable of delivering up to 700 Gbps. Which was never found in the Li-Fi examination. So if you think that this technology is 100 times faster than the WiFi, then it’s a misconception of the fault.

Another misconception is that downloading a movie in Li-Fi will be downloaded in 1 second or 2 seconds. Look, it does not matter at all. In fact, the speed of the Internet depends on your Internet Service Provider and the server from which you download the movie. I do not think there is a server that has a server capable of delivering 100 Gbps speed. However, you can transfer files at a local speed of 100 Gbps.


Use of Li-Fi:

Let’s talk about where and how this technology can be used and how it can be used. We use WiFi router as well as WiFi to use Li-Fi as well as devices, do not we? So let’s take a look.

1. This technology runs through the light so that the street lamps are enough to make your entire colony or road or road to a lively hotspot. You can use the internet with light hotspot with low light at a much lower cost. Even in the city of night, you can make hotspots of various shining lights, shop lighting boxes etc. Can you imagine how easy life will be?

2. Modern devices like smartphones, laptops, TVs, etc. you can easily connect with each other using this technology. It will be possible to connect with each other as well as all types of connections, through this technology. And high-speed complete data transmission system.

3. You can use this technology in any environment. Some environments like Mines Potta or Petro Chemical Plant, where Wireless Signal can sometimes be harmful, you can also use Li-Fi. You can even use this technology on the plane. If you look at the plane, you will be able to use Li-Fi from the light bulb on passengers’ seats. The best thing is that you can use this technology under water. You know that the wireless signal does not work under the water, but the light must be seen.

4. You know that today’s car has many LED bulbs, and you can use this technology in the car with the help of that bulb. And using this technology in SmartGaris can establish relationships with one another. It will be possible to reduce the risk of accidents in many parts.


Future of Li-Fi:

Li-Fi is a completely new technology. So maybe this will not be the chance to get or use it right now. Perhaps the use of Li-Fi may start in full swing in the next 10 years. Smartphones or tablets on Li-Fi devices may have already been installed. But I can clearly say that Li-Fi Wi-Fi will be able to take over the next day.

Li-Fi’s ranges will not be high. Because it will be in your head, so you have to use Li-Fi from a specific place. However, you can feel secure about high-speed data transmission.