What is Operating System?

What is Operating System (OS)?

Thinking back to the 1970s, when only computer programs were energized. At that time there was a need to program a computer for doing that particular work. Suppose you want to work with word processing to your computer so you can write a new book. Then your computer had to program for the word processing program. Again, if you want to play chess with computer after 1 month, then your machine will need to re-program the chess again. Again, if you want to save and view photos on your machine, you have to program them separately. With each program you can do a new job, but they all repeat the same work again and again. As each of your programs is different, each of them has the need to read a “key” on the keyboard, there is a need to store data in memory, there is a need to retrieve the data, and there is a need to show how the program is working. So whenever you write a new program, you have to add these same processes over and over again. So, if this basic function is created with a separate program and all the programs are run on that program, then it will not be necessary to add the same feature repeatedly to all programs.

This basic idea started with the operating system; This is a core software on your computer that is necessary to control computer input, output, storage, processing etc. You can think of the operating system as the boss of other software (applications), where everyone is busy working under the boss, and the boss keeps an eye on everyone’s work. The operating system is again dependent on another boss and it is called a BIOS (Basic Input Output System), which helps in connecting the operating system with hardware and software, just as the kernel does. The kernel resides with every operating system, but Bios is not a software, it is basically with a computer hardware chip, called firmware. Although the same operating system and kernel can work on all computers, the bios are different but according to the computer hardware model, the production company etc.


How to run a computer without an operating system (OS)?

The importance of the operating system on your computer machine has surely come to an end, now the question is what will your computer do without the operating system, how will it work? Is it possible to work? If a computer’s operating system controls all the work, of course, then it is impossible to run a computer without the operating system, is not it?

But the previous computers were seen, they did not have any operating system. Although the machines were gigantic, they could run only one program at a time. Suppose you are using a computer to do one or more work, you really do not need an operating system. Suppose you only want to work in word processing software, then target your computer directly to this software program and you will not need an operating system. Other software is designed to target the operating system and the kernel without targeting the computer.

It is possible to run a computer without OS, but you have to complete multiple tasks together. The software must first be programmed using programs that can directly understand your computer. Suppose you have created a word processing software, but you have to tell the computer that if you press any “key” a character will be typed, you have to say more about how the character will look and how it will appear in front of you. A word processing software that automatically needs you to manually If you want to turn off the computer or if you want to disconnect any hardware, it will be physically disconnected.

Let’s go back to the contractor’s example of that building; If we want to build a house there is a need for many features, such as water pipe, electricity, window making etc. Similarly, there is a need to access many features in order to run a program on a computer, create a software document, which requires the internet connection, and access to the hard drive to store somebody’s data. Without the operating system the computer means building a building without mechanics and contractors; Where the computer does not know how no software works and which features are necessary to access. You have to program everything manually and understand the computer.