What is Raspberry Pi? How much price of Raspberry Pi?

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a small, cheap, fully priced computing device that is specially designed for small working and students. It is a very cheap and reliable way to create programming, coding, various computer projects, robots. Its most remarkable fact is that its size and its size compared to its power compared to its price. You can use it for a variety of purposes. It can be used as a home theater PC, as a low power desktop computer, and from students to business programs, as a computing device.

You can see how small it is in the picture. To see Raspberry Pi is not very interesting, but to work interesting but this mini computer is available. Many of us who love programming, so to buy a desktop computer or to buy laptops costing 300-350 thousand USD is very expensive. Although laptops or desktop standards differ. Again, suppose you want to create a robot or you have created a hardware that is necessary to connect to a computer, so putting the whole PC in these cases is incompatible and expensive. These small computers can provide easy solutions for many such tasks. Even if you are a basic computer user, that means, if you have a major computing demand, you will not need to spend anywhere between 300-350 thousand USD, using simple Internet browsing, checking email, using word processing software, etc. Apart from being too small to draw it easily in pockets where you can carry it.



As already mentioned, it is a complete computer – so to be a computer, everything that takes place, but the configuration is not as strong as a traditional laptop or desktop. It has just been made to focus on the basic work. Raspberry Pi 3 is the current Late Raspberry pie. Let’s take a look at the specification of the glance …

A 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMV-8 processor
802.11n Wireless (WiFi) Local Area Network
Bluetooth 4.1
4 USB port
40 GPIO Pin
Full HDMI port
Ethernet port
3.5mm for an audio input and output Jack
Camera Interface
Display interface
Micro SD card slot
3D graphics core
So this is mainly the specification of Raspberry Pi – but surely you have understood, it is a very basic computer. The power of the processor is not very much, but enough for its work. With WiFi and Bluetooth being built in, the computer can connect to the WiFi internet or file sharing. There are 4 USB ports, which can be connected to USB devices as desired – such as a mouse, keyboard, external hard drive etc. Another interesting feature of this is the GPIO (General Purpose Input / Output) pin. Through these pins, this mini computer can be connected to any project and these pins can be programmed by choice. It may be that these pins can also be used to move an LED bulb. Different volumes of voltage output can be given according to programmable pins.

Yes, any display or monitor with Raspberry Pi can be connected to the HDMI connector and you can use it if you want to buy a camera module. Besides, to increase portability, you can put a touch display on it, which will make it much like a tablet PC or tab laptop. Since its internal storage is much less then the micro SD can be expanded to its storage. Pendrive, external hard drive with the advantage of being there. There is no default power supply unit inside this computer, so much so that the mobile Charger-like power supply is available in it. This computer needs 2-ampere outlets to work properly.

Now let’s talk about the most important thing in the operating system. It basically works on an operating system based on Linux-based, but Linux-based operating systems such as Ubuntu Desktop, Snap Ubuntu, Debian etc. can be used. Besides, it supports some other operating systems for programming and various tasks. Besides, you can install and run Linux-based Open Source Media Center to play media. And yes, it can be used in Windows 10, but any device can be connected to the Internet with the help of the Windows 10 Internet of Things version. All operating systems that can be supported by Raspberry Pi are directly downloaded from their official site. Besides, they have a strong community and there are many developers ready to solve any problem.


Raspberry Pi can really be an extraordinary solution for basic work, especially for programmers. The price of Raspberry Pi is 100 USD for a full setup.