What is the network port?

What is the network port? :

Without a networking, much of a computing system is stagnant. Not only the internet, if you have a printer installed on your computer, then it also comes under the networking. Before understanding the network port, let’s take a look at the computer hardware port. You surely know, there are many ports with your computer and many ports depending on the needs of your computer. Connecting to a USB port such as a printer, USB drive, modem etc., connect to an HDMI port or VGA port to connect to a display or projector, and then have Ethernet port to install Internet or Ethernet cable on your computer. So, different types of work connected with different ports are completed.

Now, what happens in the computer network, here but all the computers are physically connected to each other, and there is a lot of work on the network like the local computing system. For example, file transfer can be done, print command can be given, the webpage can be downloaded or uploaded. Suppose you are connected to a computer with the help of the network, and if you want to upload a file to that computer, then surely you must contact the hard drive or storage of that computer, so it is necessary for you to be connected to that particular port.

Your computer’s USB port, Ethernet port, serial port are called hardware ports, but TCP / IP ports are called virtual or network ports. Using a network port, various software is provided access to various computer hardware or services. Specific tasks on each computer or web server are completed by a specific port. For example, a server webpage uses the HTTP / FTP protocol to save and transfer files. However, the port 80 (HTTP port) and port 21 (FTP port) are open on that server. If you want to download the webpage by connecting to that server, you must be connected to port 80 and if you want to transfer the file, you must be connected to port 21.

Let’s take a nice example to make the whole thing more clear. Comparing a computer in a network with a shopping mall and the address of that manger is the IP address of a computer. So knowing the address, you can move to that specific material, that means you can connect to the computer in the network. Now suppose you want to buy a smartphone from the Mall, then you must definitely go to a smartphone shop, so no. If you want to buy clothes again you will go to the garment shop. To compare these different shops in shopping malls with network port on your network computer. For example, you need to get a web page with a port, another port to transfer files and connect to another port to get the email. Now hold a shopping mall where all things are available but they do not have any separate shops. There is a huge room in a field where there is a spread of all things. So how can you find or buy something easily? So you’ve got to understand, what is the network port and why it is necessary.