What is Virtual Server?

What is Virtual Server?

We all know that a computer or a server is a physical machine, which is embedded in RAM, processor, hard drive, motherboard etc. When an operating system works on your computer, it works by using your computer’s physical resources. That means, running an operating system requires its RAM, processor, hard drive etc. But if it is not physically on the virtual server, then how does it run the operating system? To know about virtual servers, first, you need to know about Virtual Machine.

The virtual machine is not a physical machine. It is basically a piece of software that virtually behaves like a physical machine itself. Suppose you are running Windows operating system on your Windows computer virtually. The software is required to run a virtual machine. This software helps you to run more operating systems on your main operating system. Virtual machine software treats your physical machine’s RAM, hard drive, processor, and behaves like a completely different computer. And when a server is used to virtual machine software on a computer’s physical machine, and virtual machines have behaved like a virtual server, then it is called a virtual server. Different web hosting companies provide services to this virtual server, and we also know it as Virtual Private Server or VPS.

See, a particular physical computer is an ideal thing to use for a specific application, but using a different physical computer for each job is also very expensive. But here by installing virtual machine software, multiple virtual machines can be created on a physical machine and every virtual machine can independently behave independently as a separate computer. As a result, the cost of purchasing physical computer hardware is saved and there is no change in performance. Again, the cost of virtual private servers is much less than the rental of a dedicated server.

Installing virtual machine software on your own physical computer creates multiple virtual computers and there is no difference between the company’s virtual server. As it is done on your own machine, virtual machines and companies do it by doing so on their servers, it is called Virtual Server and you can freely use it to rename it as it is called Virtual Private Server.


How to use Virtual Server?

Creating a virtual machine on a physical machine and working on each virtual machine independently; I do not think so many things to hear? Actually, it’s a lot easier and just a few clicks are needed to create your virtual machine. And if you want to buy a virtual server, you do not have to do anything, you will get everything ready. Then you can utilize that server to apply your many applications and many types of usage. Let’s discuss the details below.


How to setup your Virtual Server?

With Virtual Private Server, you can host your server by hosting any of your applications. Maybe you can create a game and use a virtual private server as its server. Again, you can safely host any files, music, videos, etc. on your server safely. Generally speaking, it is possible to do with a virtual server you can do with your computer. Many high-configured servers are available to hire a lot nowadays. If you are from a virtual private server then your own physical computer does not need to be configured so high.

You can install the Windows operating system on the server and use it as a physical computer. There you can edit videos, edit photos, and run any application. Any work done on the server will not be on your computer, rather it will be your server on the computer but you will be able to operate that computer. You can also do gaming on the server if you want. Surely you know how much money can be used to make a good gaming computer, but you can run all the games using virtual servers on your current computer by paying only a few thousand rupees a month. And the interesting thing is that you will not have to spend any internet on your own to download or download a game, internet data usage will be charged from the server. Not only the computer, nowadays the smartphone can also be used and operated from the server. So you can play PC games using the server from your phone.

Besides, you can install any operating system or any software test on virtual servers. You can host files for your website. You can also browse the Internet from the server. Internet connection connected to the server is very high speed, so you can slow down the physical PC but if you need high-speed internet connection you can meet it using a virtual server.


How to host your own Website on a Server?

The server is required to create your website and host the site. The website can be hosted on your own physical PC, but I do not recommend it. Now there are three options available when hosting a website from a hosting company, dedicated servers, shared servers, and virtual private servers.

Dedicated servers are your complete personal server, which is a complete physical computer. And when you hire a complete physical machine from a company, surely its price will be too much. Yes, many big applications or large websites where many traffic comes in, it requires a lot of powerful servers to host, but using a dedicated server for a new or medium-sized site is a very expensive one. Here is another option which is shared server; But this is not the only server that you are using only yourself. Maybe hosted several thousand sites on a shared server. Your site may also close if the server is down due to any other site. So the shared servers are not recommended. So if you are Bigener or want to host a medium-sized website, the virtual server may be good for you. It costs less and secondly you can use it completely independently. There will be no problem with your server or service for any other hosted applications or websites. If your server has more servers installed on your machine’s physical machine, you can use your server in private.